Welcome to Delta Diagnostics

Delta Diagnostics is a quality oriented diagnostic center established in 1996. It is promoted and operated by a group of doctors all of whom are specialized in different branches of diagnostics.

It was promoted with the intention of providing quality diagnostic support at reasonable cost – as we all know, quality cannot be cheap, however, we have proved that it can be provided at a reasonable cost to patients. We have continued to provide the same high level of quality for 19 years.

We have many facilities like

CT scan – multislice, helical CT machine.

Ultrasound – including 2D, 3/4D, color Doppler, transrectal, advanced fetal imaging, etc.

Laboratory – including biochemistry (with advanced dry chemistry), hormones, histo and cytopathology, microbiology, serology, semen analysis etc.

X-ray – Computed radiography system (digital).

Cardiology – ECG, echocardiography, TMT.

Endoscopy – upper and lower GI with biopsy, etc.