A CT (Computerised Tomography) machine is a sophisticated machine which uses x-rays to acquire images of the body. Instead of a single x-ray beam, CT machine passes a fan shaped beam of x-rays through the body onto an array of detectors where their strength is measured. Based on these, images of slices of the body are generated which are read by trained radiologists to detect problems.

For some CT scans, injection may have to be given. This is not for all and hence please check beforehand as fasting may be required for such scans.

Our CT machine is a multislice, whole body helical CT.

Machine is from Toshiba, Japan.

In ultrasound scanning, sound waves are passed into the body and the echoes coming back from within are processed to form images. Ultrasound is used for detecting problems in abdomen, fetus, organs like thyroid, testis, breast, etc. There are no harmful or side effects even to the most sensitive tissue - fetus. Ultrasound is quick, convenient, affordable, helpful investigation. 4D ultrasound is used to see the fetus in 3D real time. It is also used for organs like uterus to better visualize selected problems.

Our ultrasound machines are state of the art machines, all with colour doppler facility and few with 4D. Some machines have speciality probes, for Eg. Biplane transrectal, higher frequency linear for musculoskeletal ultrasound, etc. This is to allow our radiologists to address challenging problems better. We constantly upgrade equipment to keep up with newer technologies.

Our scans are all done on high end machines for better accuracy – we do not have low end equipment. Equipments are from GE, Samsung, Philips, etc.

Colour doppler is an extension of ultrasound where sound waves are used to detect blood flow within major blood vessels inside the body without any injections. It gives information regarding direction of blood flow, velocities and presence of obstructions.

We have computed radiography (digital x-ray) which not only reduced x-ray dose to patients, but also reduces processing time. Moreover, the images can be post-processed as with any digital image, without patient needing to undergo further exposures. This can be very helpful in doubtful situations. Of course, if additional views are required, further exposures may be needed in few patients.

Our CR is from Fuji, Japan – one of the leaders in digital x-ray imaging.

We believe in providing best services to patients and doctors with our advanced computerized laboratory. Services by lab personnel include preparation, testing and reporting results for profile creation with computerized systems. Staffs are skilled enough to handle multiple diagnoses with our modern lab facilities.

  • Biochemistry – we are one of the few diagnostic centers doing dry chemistry which is much more accurate than regular wet chemistry.
  • Microbiology – fully automated system from France for faster, more reliable culture reports.
  • Clinical pathology
  • Histopathology and cytopathology
  • Serology and Hormones – with fully auto equipment
  • Equipment has bi-way communication with our software which eliminates manual typing error.

Echocardiography is the use of ultrasound and Doppler to examine the heart. It is done with advanced Doppler machines at Delta. We use Philips machine – the acknowledged leader in echocardiography equipment worldwide.

Echocardiograms show the size, pumping action of the heart, etc.

Echocardiograms are done by qualified cardiologists at our centre and not by technicians. Hence there may be delays on few occasions as cardiologists have to attend to emergencies many times. We hope you understand and bear with us as this is for the sake of better quality.

TMT is a screening tool to test the effect of exercise on the heart, so that problems can be detected early. In this test, patients are made to walk on a treadmill while the electrical activity of the heart is continuously monitored and BP is checked intermittently. This is done as per a standard protocol till a certain heart rate is reached or patient develops chest discomfort or ECG/BP changes, in which case the test is terminated and further tests may be suggested to the patient by the cardiologist.

We use a BPL system – No.1 in India for ECG and TMT.

A simple procedure where electrical impulses generated by the heart is recorded.

We use BPL machines with auto-interpretation. Please note that auto-interpretation is not a substitute for interpretation by a qualified physician. Auto interpretation tends to over-diagnose and hence there is no cause for alarm if it shows something as abnormal. It just needs to be checked by a qualified physician.

Frequent health checkups can be done by our expert staffs. There are variety of health analysis done for precautions and timely remedies for patients. It's wise to know the health conditions in advance, so as to prevent unnecessary complications in future.